Personal Development

Self-understanding and development

This training is intended for beginners and those with relatively lower level of self-understanding and purpose in life.

Participants will be given a chance to start from the basic personal development tools and techniques.

  • Get a clear understanding of themselves; i.e., their motivations, their values, their life’s purpose.
  • Draft their own plan and set their own goals and priorities based on the purpose
  • Know the specific areas in which they need to develop in order to achieve their personal and organizational goals
  • Know the specific areas they need to improve for better performance


The training will cover the following major areas. The scope and depth of the coverage may vary depending on the need of the attendees.

  • Defining personal development
  • The basic personal development skills and tools
  • Self-awareness through personality tests and assessments
  • The personal development journeys
  • Creating a simple personal vision and identifying values and Setting priorities
  • Personal development and Personal Strategic Planning

Intended Outcome:
After taking this training participants will be able to:

  • Develop their own personal plan
  • set their personal vision
  • start working on maximizing their strengths and improving their shadow sides
  • Align their personal vision with that of the organization for better engagement and motivation
  • Understand their true place in the team and an organization as a whole.

Proposed duration:
16 hours


Personal development and Personal Strategic Planning

This training is intended for those who want to have a deeper understanding of themselves and plan their future in depth.

Let participants walk through different phases of self- understanding process.

  • Assess where the participants current status in terms of personal knowledge
  • Clarify their purpose in life, their personal Vision and values
  • Start working on their personal strategic planning

The major points that this training covers are the following:

  • Self-assessment tests and personality identification test
  • Personal strategic planning
    • Purpose, vision and value clarification and writing
    • Crafting personal development strategy
    • Setting your goal
    • Implementation, review plan
  • The personal development skills
    • The full engagement skill
    • Keeping the balance and time management skill

Intended Outcome:

  • Develop a working and simple personal strategic plan
  • Create a working time plan
  • Create a strategy to fully get engage and stay on truck
  • Set an interim reflection and review time

Proposed duration:
16 hours


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